Summer Down Under (3.9%)

Using the Galaxy and Pacific Jade hops from Australia and New Zealand this beer is brewed in honour of our Southern Friends. To off-set the dark nights this light golden ale, bursting with citrusy flavours, is a perfect break from the Winter Gloom.

American Nut Brown (5%)

Blend of 7 malts and hit of Summit & Cascade hops, give this nutty brown ale a strong malt flavour with a citrussy American hop twist.


Gothick Dark (4.6%)

A strong, dark mild brewed using two types of chocolate malt. Full-bodied and malty but with a dryish, chocolatey edge. Inspired by Strawberry Hill House, the “Little Gothick Castle”, near the brewery.
Winner – CAMRA Champion Beer of London, Old Ales and Strong Milds, 2019

Honey Dark (4.8%)

Brewed with dark malts and second fermented with honey, this strong dark beer has chocolate, coffee, caramel and (of course) honey featuring in its aroma and flavour

Azacca Star (4.6%)

Named after the Azacca hop and ‘Star’ from the Polaris hop which, after all, is the North Star, this is a lovely pale ale.

The blend of these two hops, along with Amarillo, gives a lovely tropical hit, with a lingering edge of spice and Mint.


Wolf of the Woods (4.7%)

Clean, cutting and robust strong bitter. Brewed and dry-hopped using all British hops, an initial biscuity malt character leads to a grassy lemon hop bite. Sink your teeth into a true English ale.
(In case you wonder, Wolf of the Woods comes from the translation of the Latin name for hops – Humulus Lupulus)


Four Grains (4.5%)

Brewed with four malts: barley, wheat, rye and oats, and hopped with Pioneer. This beer has a spicy, almost herbal aroma and a medium moreish body. A hoppy taste with malty underpinnings, and not at all grainy.


RRIPA 120x156-01.png

RRIPA (4.5%)

Big fruity flavours in this rye IPA from a great hop blend including Cascade and a dry hopping of Melba

Daisy Cutter 120x156-01.png

Daisy Cutter (6.1%)

A strong, well-hopped ale. Powerful golden coloured beer with a fruity, citrus nose and flavour. A veritable Hop Bomb, it avoids being too bitter with a skillful blend of American hops. A beer to be reckoned with. Handle with caution. Silvers at Reading 2007, Peterborough 2006, and SIBA SE 2008 & 2009.


Smilers Ale 120x156-01.png

Smilers Ale (4.8%)

Amber ale with a refreshing citrus and pine aroma. Dry, hoppy flavour with a slight fruitiness underneath. Long, pleasing hoppy finish with a touch of orange peel.

Twickenham_Orange Zeus (120x156)_PROOF1.png

Orange Zeus (4.8%)

Deriving it's name from the fact it is hopped with Mandarina Barvaria (for hints of orange) and Sultana (a variety bred from the Zeus and Nugget hops).  Packs a fruity punch, with no hints of sultanas!


Twickenham_El Dorado (120x156).png

El Dorado Pale (4.2%)

A light session American Pale Ale, heavily dry hopped with El Dorado this year providing strong soft fruit aromas.  A delight for the summer.


Nooksack (5%)

Originally brewed as a collaboration with Kissingate brewery, Nooksack is a big American Pale Ale, with a great hop build including Amarillo, Centennial and Citra  – what’s not to love!  No wonder it won Beer of the Festival, Sussex, back in 2014


Twickenham_Mysteries of the Galaxy (120x156)_PROOF.png




Twickenham Winter Warmer.png

Mysteries of the Galaxy (4.5%)

A golden ale, hopped with Enigma, Comet and Galaxy (worked hard to get from there to the name!).  A fruity delight.

Strange Brew (4.1%)

So named as a mistake by our maltsters meant the wrong malt going into a beer, which led us to blend two beers. Now brewed specially it contains 5 hops – including Styrians, Chinook and Cascade – giving this dark golden ale a big, hoppy aroma over a fine malty base – so all hops and no pumpkin!

London Porter (5.3%)

Brewed using Patent Malt, an old London style of malt dating back to 1817, this is a classic style of Porter, dark with a rich chocolate and coffee edge.

Yakima Valley (4.8%)

Named after the area where most American hops grow.  A mahogany American Brown Ale with a surprising citrus hit. This beer has a glorious darker shade, and will catch you out with Simcoe and Citra aroma hops.

Winter Warmer (5.2%)

For the long winter nights now upon us, this ale is strong, rich and full-bodied to keep out the winter chill.  A luscious brown ale, with ruby hues, from the use of cara malt and chocolate malt, whilst English hops balance out the sweetish finish.
A beer you’ll quickly warm to.